Research Infrastructure

As one of the primary strategic goals of the Goethe University Frankfurt and the Philipps University Marburg, dedication to excellent cancer research underpins all scientific undertakings at the UCT Frankfurt-Marburg.

Cancer research projects of scientists working at the Goethe University, the Georg-Speyer-Haus, the Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research and the Paul Ehrlich Institute are united under the umbrella of the Frankfurt Cancer Institute (FCI). The treatment spectrum of the UCT determines the interdisciplinary research projects coordinated through the FCI. Interdisciplinary teams consisting of clinicians, tumor biologists, biochemists, chemists and bioinformaticians work together to conduct functional cancer research using primary patient material and focus on pre-clinical and clinical therapy development and molecular tumor profiling.

The Center for Tumor Biology and Immunology (ZTI) is located at the Marburg site. The Institute of Molecular Biology and Tumor Research (IMT), the Institute of Tumor Immunology and the Institute of Molecular Oncology comprise the ZTI. Research at the ZTI is dedicated to tumor biology and immune regulation, with a specific focus on investigating the correlation between inflammation and tumor development, progression and resistance.

Both the ZTI and the FCI are funded by the State of Hessen’s LOEWE Excellence Program.

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