Tumor Boards

At the UCT Frankfurt-Marburg, interdisciplinary tumor boards consist of a team of specialists from various fields of expertise and include all health care professionals involved in delivering treatment. This team devises a strategy for diagnosis and coordinating individual treatment for each patient. As a practicing physician, you may register your patients for case review through our tumor boards.

University Hospital Frankfurt

Nordwest Hospital

University Hospital Marburg

Joint Molecular Tumor Boards

Patients who especially need multi-disciplinary care due to very complex diagnoses, rare tumors or atypical clinical courses may be eligible for participation in advanced molecular diagnostics within the Precision Oncology Program, including ensuing discussion of the findings in the Joint Molecular Tumor Board. The Joint Molecular Tumor Board unites the expertise of physicians, oncologists and molecular pathologists as well as other experts in their respective specialist fields from all three UCT locations.

Please note: A patient will be first reviewed by the Joint Molecular Tumor Board only after the patient has been presented to an organ-specific tumor board at one of the three UCT Frankfurt-Marburg locations. Patient cases based on diagnostic work conducted outside of UCT facilities are also eligible for review by the Joint Molecular Tumor Board.

Referring physicians with questions about the Joint Molecular Tumor Board or who would like to register a patient for review can contact Dr. Sebastian Wagner by email sebastian.wagner@kgu.de, or call +49 (0)69 / 6301-6358.