Core Facilities and Platform Technologies

At the UCT Frankfurt-Marburg, the central research units (Core Facilities) provide researchers in translational and clinical research with state-of-the-art equipment and platform technologies combined with on-site scientific consultation services.

Resources include in vivo imaging platforms, biochemical and cellular analytical methods including immunomonitoring and proteomics, next-generation sequencing and genomics, in vivo / ex vivo modeling as well as other infrastructural units and services such as quality-assured collection and processing of primary patient samples in biobanks, provision of validated medical data from cancer registries and support in the implementation of clinical trials. 

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At all locations of the UCT Frankfurt-Marburg, biological samples are centrally collected and stored. Researchers may request samples from all sites after approval by their respective Scientific Board. Both the UCT Biobank and the Comprehensive Biobank Marburg are active members of the German Biobank Alliance and guarantee highest quality standards. After completion of all diagnostic tests, left over samples of patient tissue, blood and other liquids are collected and stored. Also trial-specific collections of biosamples can be supported by the biobanks.

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Frankfurt: UCT Biobank

Marburg: Comprehensive Biobank Marburg (CBBMR)

Tumor documentation / Clinical data

At all UCT Frankfurt-Marburg sites, the Departments of Tumor Documentation collect research-relevant clinical parameters according to standardized procedures and quality assurance guidelines. The collection of this data fulfills mandatory reporting obligations and abides by criteria as outlined by the Hessian Cancer Registry. This data set has been extended to include research-specific parameters. Researchers at all sites may request data after approval by their respective Scientific Board. 

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Clinical trials

Coordination of clinical trials
At each location of the UCT Frankfurt-Marburg, clinicians and scientists are supported by a trial coordination center, which provides administrative support in planning, application submission, implementation and evaluation of oncological clinical trials. These activities are coordinated centrally across all sites through the Clinical Trial Center Network (CTCN). The CTCN manages a total of 31 clinical trial sites in Frankfurt, Marburg and throughout the region. In addition, the CTCN offers regular training courses for study personnel and manages the UCT Trial Registry.

Clinical Trial Coordination Center at University Hospital Frankfurt

Clinical Trial Coordination Center at Nordwest Hospital

Clinical Trial Coordination Center at University Hospital Marburg

Phase I/II Units
The phase I/II units are specialized facilities for conducting oncological clinical trials and exist at all UCT Frankfurt-Marburg sites. Our expertise is in early phase I/II and first-in-patient trials, which are mainly conducted in outpatient settings.

Phase I/II Unit University Hospital Frankfurt

Phase I/II Unit Nordwest Hospital

Phase I/II Unit University Hospital Marburg