Continuing Education for Nurses

Caring for people diagnosed with cancer is a multi-faceted and challenging field. Being able to meet the daily demands of the job requires career-long learning and knowledge in many aspects of care. Our nursing education programs certify specialty skills in oncological and palliative care. The in-service training program combines introductory modules in theory with on-the-job training. This allows nurses to learn key skills in coping with various care situations through hands-on clinical experience. Earning a state-certified oncology nursing credential requires completing 240 hours in foundational modules and 510 hours of theoretical instruction in specialty skill modules; these are both complemented by a number of clinical rotations.

In addition to specialty skills certification courses, cancer care nurses can also take advantage of our advanced training courses offered regularly at our sites. By participating in workshops or attending talks, the annual Nursing Congress for Oncological and Palliative Care held in Frankfurt provides an additional venue for nurses to keep current.

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