Information for Referring Physicians

The UCT Frankfurt-Marburg works closely and confidently with a number of hospitals, local general practitioners and private practice specialists. We are also part of a larger partner network consisting of various research institutions. In addition to comprehensive patient care, our main activities include basic and translational cancer research and conducting clinical trials. Our goal is to provide cancer patients with access to new, innovative therapeutic options. In addition, the UCT is also committed to education and training and offers a wide range of educational and information events for doctors, nurses, patients and their families.

Our specialists will be pleased to assist you in diagnosing and treating your cancer patients. Physicians are also welcome to refer patients to the UCT outpatient clinics, also when seeking second opinions. We can also help you with a variety of other services such as: coordinating inpatient and/or outpatient follow-up treatment at one of our three locations; clarifying medical results; informing patients about innovative therapies and clinical trials; organizing patient long-term follow-up care.

To register your patient, please contact the best location for your patient’s needs directly. More information for referring physicians can be found on these websites:

University Hospital Frankfurt

Nordwest Hospital

University Hospital Marburg