Multidisciplinary Care

At UCT Frankfurt-Marburg, our tumor-based multi-disciplinary teams consist of expert researchers, doctors, nurses and health professionals who work together to diagnose, develop and review your personalized treatment plan. Our primary goal is to provide you with the best available advanced cancer care and professional health care support close to home. In order to achieve this, we are committed to educating and training nurses and doctors in cancer care, cancer research and sustaining an alliance of health care professionals within the region. 

At UCT Frankfurt-Marburg, we understand receiving outstanding cancer treatment is only one aspect of recovery. Our cancer care nurses and alliance of health care professionals will help you to keep your physical, emotional and spiritual health in balance. We also partner with local support groups, which provide you with an opportunity to share your feelings, concerns and experiences with others facing a similar situation in a caring atmosphere.

Outpatient Clinic

Many cancer treatment options at the UCT Frankfurt-Marburg can be delivered to you as an outpatient, so you can go home after treatment. All three UCT Frankfurt-Marburg outpatient clinics are organized in a way to provide you with local access to our multi-disciplinary approach to cancer treatment and to ensure optimal coordination among our doctors, nurses and other health professionals.

Our outpatient clinics include cancer treatment (e.g. chemotherapy, antibody and immune therapies, blood transfusions) and access to patient support services such as psycho-oncology counseling, palliative medicine, social services or recreation therapy.

Patient Support Services

During your time with us, we offer you support programs and services to help you adjust to your illness and improve the quality of your life throughout all stages of your treatment. While we offer psycho-oncology counseling to help you care for your emotional health, a range of recreational and wellness services will help you feel better and reduce the side effects of treatment. Cancer care nurses and social service workers are also available to assist you in managing your daily responsibilities outside of your hospital care. All services are available at no charge.

Learn more about our range of support services at all three UCT Frankfurt-Marburg sites here:

Support Groups and Patients' Advisory Board

When coping with cancer, it sometimes helps to share your experiences and receive support from others who are facing the same challenges. Joining one of our locally-based support groups gives you the opportunity to exchange ideas and find answers through others who are facing similar diagnoses and have found ways to cope and improve the quality of their everyday lives. 

Founded as a joint initiative with regional partner support groups, the UCT Frankfurt-Marburg’s Patients’ Advisory Board is a representative body that identifies the needs and expectations of cancer patients and support groups and conveys these needs to the UCT Executive Board and committees.

Here you will find an overview of local support groups we partner with:

University Hospital Frankfurt

Nordwest Hospital

University Hospital Marburg