Receiving Treatment at UCT

Putting Patients at the Center of Specialized Care

The UCT Frankfurt-Marburg provides you with the most advanced cancer care available for your type of cancer. Our focus is on giving you the best of personalized medical treatment and care. At UCT Frankfurt-Marburg, multi-professional teams work together seamlessly across all three hospital locations to support you every step of the way – from the initial diagnosis to follow-up care. Whether you are being treated at Frankfurt University Hospital, Nordwest Hospital in Frankfurt or Marburg University Hospital, all of our facilities are aligned to follow the same treatment guidelines and are equipped to offer you state-of-the-art therapy plans. In order to best tailor all diagnostic and therapeutic measures to your individual needs, our interdisciplinary tumor boards review your treatment and progress regularly. We also offer patients a large number of clinical trials to participate in.

Treating Cancer

There are many approaches to treating cancer. The way cancer is treated always depends on the type of cancer you have and your individual situation. The main cancer treatment options are surgery, radiation therapy and cancer drugs (e.g. chemotherapy). Not all treatment options are always used, and the sequence in which the treatment options are applied may also differ. Surgery is often an option used to treat early-stage tumors that can be easily removed. Radiation therapy is also used locally to destroy cancer cells using ionizing radiation (gamma or X-ray radiation) or particle radiation (protons or heavy ions). It may be the main treatment, or may be used to assist other treatments such as surgery or chemotherapy. In treating advanced-stage cancers that may have already formed metastases, anti-cancer drugs are used to destroy and stop cancer cells that may have spread throughout the body. Chemotherapy or immunotherapy may be given as infusions, injections or orally. Today, a large number of treatments can be carried out on an outpatient basis. For you, as a patient, this means that you can stay at home for your care and you only need to come in to the hospital for your appointments.

Patient Support Services

We believe quality cancer care goes beyond traditional approaches to medicine. Excellent cancer treatment also means treating the patient as a whole. Our support specialists and oncology nursing staff will accompany you throughout your healing process and help you improve your quality of life. Some of the services offered in our Patient Support Program include psychiatric counseling, recreational therapy, nutrition and social services. All services are free of charge. Read more about our patient support services on this page.


The UCT Frankfurt-Marburg offers consultation hours for all cancer types. You can schedule an appointment to be held at any one of our three hospital locations: the University Hospital Frankfurt, the Nordwest Hospital in Frankfurt and the University Hospital Marburg. You may request an appointment by phone or by sending us an e-mail.

Please select the location where you would like to schedule your appointment:

University Hospital Frankfurt

Nordwest Hospital

University Hospital Marburg

Cancer Care Centers

Cancer care at the UCC Frankfurt-Marburg is organized into centers which are regularly audited. The Organ Cancer Centers specialize in treating one organ. The Oncology Centers coordinate the Organ Cancer Centers and ensure effective collaboration among the various disciplines across all hospital sites.

Learn more about our certified Cancer Centers at all three UCT Frankfurt-Marburg sites.

Tumor-Specific Programs

In ten tumor-specific programs, specialist physicians from various disciplines coordinate your treatment in adherence to approved guidelines and clinical research at all three UCT Frankfurt-Marburg sites.

More information about our tumor-specific programs can be found here.