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UCT Frankfurt-Marburg

Our patients in focus

At UCT Frankfurt-Marburg, our focus is on providing cancer patients with the most advanced personalized cancer care available. At UCT, our patients are at the heart of what we do, from initial diagnosis to follow-up care.

At all three locations – the University Hospital Frankfurt, the Nordwest Hospital in Frankfurt and the University Hospital Marburg – our multidisciplinary teams of cancer specialists offer patients in the region close-to-home, comprehensive, state-of-the-art care. As an educational and research institution, we are quick to translate new research findings into immediate clinical practice and patient care. Together with our commitment to sustain an excellent professional health care and research network in the region and to educate and train young doctors, we secure the advancement of cancer research and care into the future.

The UCT is one of 14 cancer centers that have been recognized and supported by the German Cancer Aid as "Oncology Centers of Excellence". In addition, the German Cancer Society has certified all locations of the UCT Frankfurt-Marburg as “Oncology Centers”.

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