The UCT Frankfurt-Marburg's expertise in cancer care is organized into Cancer Centers. At regular intervals, our centers invite various external auditors in to help us measure the quality of our work and how well our inpatient and outpatient cancer treatment facilities cooperate. Our goal is to maintain patient care at a consistently high level and continuously improve our work. We are not only committed to outstanding patient care, but also to developing new strategies for treatment and promoting basic and translational cancer research. The cancer care centers at the UCT Frankfurt-Marburg are audited and certified along the three-phase model run by the German Cancer Society (Organ Cancer Centers and Oncology Centers) and the German Cancer Aid (Oncology Center of Excellence).

In addition, we obtain accreditation for some of the UCT Frankfurt-Marburg’s facilities through various other independent accrediting institutions. For example, the stem cell transplantation units of the Carreras Leukemia Center at the University Hospital Marburg as well as the Department of Medicine II, Hematology/Oncology, and the Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine at the University Hospital Frankfurt are certified by JACIE.

Organ Cancer Centers at the UCT Frankfurt-Marburg

Breast Cancer Centers

Brustzentrum Universitäts-Frauenklinik Frankfurt

Brustzentrum Regio im Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) Marburg

Colorectal Cancer Centers

Universitäres Darmkrebszentrum Frankfurt

Darmzentrum Frankfurt Nordwest

Darmzentrum Marburg im Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) Marburg

Gynecologic Cancer Centers

Gynäkologisches Krebszentrum Universitäts-Frauenklinik Frankfurt

Gynäkologisches Krebszentrum am Krankenhaus Nordwest

Gynäkologisches Krebszentrum Marburg im Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) Marburg

Bladder Cancer Centers

Harnblasenkrebszentrum Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt

Skin Cancer Centers

Hautkrebszentrum Frankfurt am Main

Marburger Hauttumorzentrum (MR-HTZ)

Pediatric Oncology Centers

Universitäres Zentrum für Kinderonkologie Frankfurt

Head and Neck Cancer Centers

Kopf-Hals-Tumor-Zentrum im Universitären Centrum für Tumorerkrankungen (UCT) Frankfurt

Kopf-Hals-Tumorzentrum Marburg

Liver Cancer Centers

Universitäres Leberkrebszentrum Frankfurt


Lung Cancer Centers

Lungenkrebszentrum am Krankenhaus Nordwest

Lungenkrebszentrum Marburg im Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) Marburg

Gastric Cancer Centers

Universitäres Magenkrebszentrum Frankfurt


Neuro-oncology Centers

Neuroonkologisches Tumorzentrum im Universitären Centrum für Tumorerkrankungen (UCT) Frankfurt

Neuroonkologisches Zentrum Marburg

Kidney Cancer Centers

Nierenkarzinomzentrum Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt


Pancreatic Cancer Centers

Universitäres Pankreaskarzinomzentrum Frankfurt

Pankreaskarzinomzentrum Frankfurt Nordwest

Pankreaskarzinomzentrum Marburg im Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) Marburg

Prostate Cancer Centers

Prostatakarzinomzentrum Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt

Prostatakarzinomzentrum am Krankenhaus Nordwest

Prostatakarzinomzentrum Marburg im Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) Marburg

Uro-oncology Centers

Uroonkologisches Zentrum Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt


Visceral Oncology Centers

Universitäres Viszeralonkologisches Zentrum Frankfurt






Viszeralonkologisches Zentrum Frankfurt Nordwest


Oncology Centers

The German Cancer Society has certified all locations of the UCT Frankfurt-Marburg as “Oncology Centers”.

Oncology Centers

Onkologisches Zentrum UCT Frankfurt (mit Schwerpunkt Sonstige Gastrointestinale Tumoren)

Onkologisches Zentrum im Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) Marburg (mit Schwerpunkt Hämatologische Neoplasien, Leukämien, Lymphome)

Oncology Center of Excellence

The German Cancer Aid Foundation has awarded the UCT Frankfurt-Marburg with the Oncology Center of Excellence seal of approval. It certifies exceptional competency in interdisciplinary patient care and translational cancer research, oncological education and training, and trans-regional networking. The UCT Frankfurt-Marburg is one of 14 German Oncology Centers of Excellence and the only one in Hessen.