Cancer Treatment at UCT

Multidisciplinary Care

Our common goal at UCT Frankfurt-Marburg focuses on ensuring the best possible care for patients with cancer. The coordinated efforts of a multi-disciplinary team of specialists working in the fields of diagnostics, therapy and research collaborate in developing individualized patient treatment plans. Diagnostics and therapeutic measures are carried out using the latest advanced medical technology and in adherence with standardized, evidence-based and rigorously updated guidelines. In addition, our weekly interdisciplinary tumor boards review and evaluate patient diagnoses and care. At UCT Frankfurt-Marburg, we feel that our patients’ emotional and physical well-being is also an integral part of providing patients with individualized cancer treatment plans. We thus offer patients with a range of support services ranging from psycho-oncological counseling, medical sports and exercise programs, nutritional counseling, art and music therapy to social services and/or receiving advice from our trained oncological nursing staff.

Personalized Cancer Medicine

One of the UCT Frankfurt-Marburg’s principal activities centers on uniting clinical practice with evidence from basic and translational cancer research. We aim to provide our patients access to new, targeted therapies through the use of innovative treatment methods in precision oncology, for example in clinical trials.

Another vital link between research and clinical practice is the Molecular Tumor Board. The Molecular Tumor Board reviews molecular genetic testing results of patients with complex cancer cases, refractory cancer or recurrent tumors and develops individualized treatment options based on these findings.