Training for Clinicians and Scientists

Structured Training Programs for Clinician and Medical Scientists

Our goal is to train the next generation of cancer researchers through structured training programs that support excellent researching physicians (clinician scientists) and non-clinical scientists (medical scientists) at every stage of their career paths. Importance is especially placed on interdisciplinary collaboration and scientific exchange between clinicians and medical scientists. Allowing scientists guaranteed time off from clinical activities for research, the UCT’s structured training programs set the frame for outstanding scientific work that addresses clinical issues and successfully translates results from basic research into novel therapeutic approaches.

Learn more about our structured training programs:

Mildred Scheel Career Center (MSNZ) Frankfurt

Else Kröner-Forschungskolleg (EKFK) Frankfurt

SUCCESS Clinician Scientist Program Marburg

Training for Clinical Research Staff

Both sites in Frankfurt and Marburg offer training programs for medical and non-medical clinical research staff. Basic and advanced courses in regulatory requirements relating to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) are held regularly at all locations. We also offer courses in software use, biometrics and clinical trials’ management for principal investigators and other research staff.

Training opportunities in Frankfurt

Training opportunities in Marburg