Welcome to the 11th UCT Science Day!

When?  June 21, 2023 
Where? Campus Lahnberge, Philipps University Marburg, Lecture Hall 3, Conradistraße, 35043 Marburg

The UCT Science Day aims at connecting the different disciplines of cancer research at the University Hospital Marburg, the Philipps University Marburg, the University Hospital Frankfurt and the Goethe University Frankfurt as well as their affiliated institutions. It focuses on scientific exchange and networking. All clinicians and scientists working in the field of cancer research – from PhD student to principal investigator – are encouraged to join this event!

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

The Organizers
Christian Brandts, Thomas Gress, Elke Pogge von Strandmann, Evelyn Ullrich, Thomas Wündisch

The Members of the Scientific Organizing Committee
Christian Bauer, Uta-Maria Bauer, Raj Bhayadia, Halvard Bönig, Christian Brandts, Alexander Brehm, Malte Buchholz, Andreas Burchert, Xinlai Cheng, Anjali Cremer, Carsten Denkert, Fabian Finkelmeier, María Gómez-Serrano, Thomas Gress, Oliver Hantschel, Ann-Christin Hau, Magdalena Huber, Elke Jäger, Manuel Kaulich, Jan-Henning Klusmann, Stefan Knapp, Konstantinos Kokkaliaris, Donat Kögel, Daniela Krause, Matthias Lauth, Robert Liefke, Anna-Luisa Luger, Markus Luster, Patrizia Malkomes, Stefan Momma, Janis Müller, Stefan Müller, Christian Münch, Andreas Neubauer, Thomas Oellerich, Albrecht Piiper, Karl-Heinz Plate, Elke Pogge von Strandmann, Henning Reis, Yvonne Reiss, Eva Rettinger, Michael Rieger, Claus Rödel, Tobias Schmid, Mark Schmitt, Hubert Serve, Joachim Steinbach, Ulrike Theiß, Evelyn Ullrich, Sjoerd van Wijk, Jörg Janne Vehreschild, Alexander Visekruna, Meike Vogler, Andreas Weigert, Peter Wild, Thomas Worzfeld, Thomas Wündisch

Program 11th UCT Science Day

Session I
Lecture Hall III
9:00Welcome & Introduction
Andreas Neubauer & Elke Pogge von Strandmann
T01-03Chairs: Miriam Frech & Konstantinos Kokkaliaris
9:10Understanding the aberrant transcriptional and epigenetic network of NPM1c in acute myeloid leukemia
Hannah Uckelmann
9:22Immune profiling of treatment free remission (TFR) in chronic myeloid leukemia
Christian Michel
9:34Translatome proteomics identifies autophagy as a resistance mechanism to on-target FLT3 inhibitors in acute myeloid leukemia
Sebastian Koschade
T04-06Chairs: Anna Brichkina & Jonas Vischedyk
9:46Proteomic characterization of acute leukemias
Sebastian Wolf
9:58Targeting mesenchymal stromal cells for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia
Roman Suezov
10:10Long non-coding RNA SNHG29 is a novel myeloid leukemia dependency
Robert Winkler
10:22Flash Talks
Chairs: Michelle Neumann & Ahmad Al Ajami
Poster Discussion I & Coffee
Upper Floor + Foyer + Lower Floor
10:40 – 11:50Posters P01 – P65
Session II
Lecture Hall III
T07-09Chairs: Till Adhikary & Ann-Christin Hau
11:50IL-17A-producing CD8+ T cells promote PDAC via induction of inflammatory cancer-associated fibroblasts
Felix Neuhaus
12:02Integrative (epi)genetic analysis of invasion-promoting genes in high-grade glioma cells
Tanja Müller
12:14The small molecule ISX-9 opens new insights to increase gemcitabine effectiveness in PDAC
Pierfrancesco Polo
T10-11Chairs: María Gómez-Serrano & Anne Fassl
12:26Immune evasion through IRGQ-directed autophagy
Lina Herhaus
12:38Synergistic lethality through simultaneous inhibition of key metabolic enzymes in cancer cells
Jan Dreute
12:50Flash Talks
Chairs: Clara Simon & Robin Mayer
Poster Discussion II & Lunch
Upper Floor + Foyer + Lower Floor
13:00 – 14:40Posters P66 – P141
Session III
Lecture Hall III
Chairs: Thomas Gress & Patrizia Malkomes
14:40Impact of TROP-2 and its cellular localization on prognosis of breast cancer in the GAIN cohort
Christina Westhoff
14:52The differential role of two annexins in influencing the leukemic bone marrow microenvironment via the natural anticoagulation system and inflammation
Valentina Minciacchi
Keynote Lecture
15:05Systematic analysis of tumor-microenvironment interactions to define and target subtype-specific inflammatory drivers in pancreatic cancer
Dieter Saur, Technical University, Munich
Lecture Hall III, Foyer
Chairs: Thomas Wündisch & Christian Brandts
16:15Closing remarks with
UCT Best Poster Award & UCT Best Talk Award
16:40Pretzels & Beer



The UCT Science Day will be held as on-site event in Lecture Hall 3 at Campus Lahnberge in Marburg. Due to the capacity of the lecture hall, a personal online registration of each participant is necessary. 

The participation is free of charge, but since the number of participants will be limited, we cannot guarantee that every registered participant can be finally admitted to the UCT Science Day. Tickets will be allocated on a “first come, first served” basis, so we kindly recommend registering promptly. After reaching the maximum number of participants, the registration portal will be closed and all further candidates will be put on a late list.

Please note: Registration for the UCT Science Day is now closed. To be put on the late list, please contact uct-scienceday@uni-marburg.de!

Abstracts / Talks and Poster Exhibition

The abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Organizing Committee. You will receive an e-mail notification and will be informed of acceptance and selection for talk or poster presentation. 

The posters will be showcased in two poster sessions. The authors of the best poster abstracts will have the chance to present their posters as flash talks in the plenary sessions before the poster sessions.

Posters should be printed in DIN A0, which is 84.1 cm (width) x 118.9 cm (height). Poster stripes and pins for poster setup will be provided at the conference venue.

The best posters and the best talk will be awarded at the end of the UCT Science Day!


Should you have any questions, please contact: