Welcome to the 10th UCT Science Day!

When?  June 29, 2022, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Where? Campus Niederrad, University Hospital Frankfurt, Building 22, Theodor-Stern-Kai 7, 60590 Frankfurt am Main

The UCT Science Day aims at connecting the different disciplines of cancer research at the University Hospital Frankfurt, the Goethe University, the University Hospital Marburg and the Philipps-University Marburg as well as their affiliated institutions. It focuses on scientific exchange and networking. All clinicians and scientists working in the field of cancer research – from PhD student to principal investigator – are encouraged to join this event!

Program 10th UCT Science Day

Session I
Lecture Hall 1
Chairs: Elke Pogge von Strandmann & Anjali Cremer
9:00Welcome & Introduction
Christian Brandts & Elke Pogge von Strandmann
9:10Deciphering the transcription factors that regulate the NKG2D ligand MICA in cancer cells
Reem Al-Khayer
9:25Proteogenomic characterization of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
Julius Enssle
9:40Biomarkers for response to immunotherapy in triple-negative breast cancer – differences between survival and pCR biomarkers
Thomas Karn
9:55Uncovering the molecular mechanism of mitophagy in acute myeloid leukemia
Laura Meyer
10:10NK-92/5.28.z for the treatment of relapsed/refractory rhabdomyosarcoma
Catrin Heim
10:25Non-viral Sleeping Beauty platform for engineering of safe and highly functional CD19-CAR NK cells
Tobias Bexte
10:40Flash Talks
Poster Discussion I & Coffee
10:55 – 12:05Posters P01 – P55
Session II: Keynote Lecture
Lecture Hall 1
Chairs: Evelyn Ullrich & Mark Schmitt
12:05Keynote Lecture: Rationale of microbiota-centered interventions in immuno-oncology
Laurence Zitvogel, Institut Gustave Roussy, Paris, France
13:05Flash Talks
Poster Discussion II & Lunch
13:15 – 14:45Posters P56 – P111
Session III
Lecture Hall 1
Chairs: Andreas Burchert, Eva Rettinger & Lisa Sevenich
14:45Multiplexed quantification of the bone marrow microenvironment in homeostasis and chemotherapy administration
Konstantinos Kokkaliaris
15:00Impact of mesenchymal stromal cell-derived vesicular cargo on B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia progression
Christina Karantanou
15:15Targeting IL-38 triggers γδ T cell-dependent anti-tumor immunity
Priscila da Silva
15:30Subclonal architecture and differentiation trajectories of leukemia initiating cells in acute lymphoblastic leukemia via single-cell sequencing
Alec Geßner
15:45DYRK1B on the cross-roads of tumor and stroma in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
Anna Brichkina
16:00Leveraging Lipid Nanoparticles an a miRNA-193b-3p Mimic to Eradicate Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Hasan Issa
Lecture Hall 1, Foyer
Chairs: Christian Brandts & Thomas Gress
16:15Closing remarks with
UCT Best Poster Award & UCT Best Talk Award
16:40Pretzels & Beer


Abstracts / Talks and Poster Exhibition

The abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Organizing Committee. You will receive an e-mail notification and will be informed of acceptance and selection for talk or poster presentation. 

The posters will be showcased in two poster sessions. The authors of the best poster abstracts will have the chance to present their posters as flash talks in the plenary sessions before the poster sessions.

Posters should be printed in DIN A0, which is 84.1 cm (width) x 118.9 cm (height). Poster stripes and pins for poster setup will be provided at the conference venue.

The best posters and the best talk will be awarded at the end of the UCT Science Day!

Registration and hygiene regulations due to COVID-19

The UCT Science Day will be held as on-site event in Building 22 at Campus Niederrad according to the current COVID-related hygiene regulations of the University Hospital Frankfurt. Therefore, a personal online registration of each participant is necessary in advance of the event using the registration form below.

The participation is free of charge, but since the number of participants will be limited, we cannot guarantee that every registered participant can be finally admitted to the UCT Science Day. Tickets will be allocated on a “first come, first served” basis, so we kindly recommend registering promptly. After reaching the maximum number of participants, the registration portal will be closed and all further candidates will be put on a late list.

Please note: Registration for the UCT Science Day is now closed. To be put on the late list, please contact uct-events@kgu.de!

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

The Organizers
Christian Brandts, Thomas Gress, Elke Pogge von Strandmann, Evelyn Ullrich

The Members of the Scientific Organizing Committee
Canan Arkan, Christian Brandts, Malte Buchholz, Andreas Burchert, Anjali Cremer, Henner Farin, Nadine Flinner, Emmanouil Fokas, Thomas Gress, Oliver Hantschel, Patrick Harter, Magdalena Huber, Katharina Imkeller, Elke Jäger, Moritz Jesinghaus, Manuel Kaulich, Jan-Henning Klusmann, Christine Koch, Daniela Krause, Matthias Lauth, Robert Liefke, Markus Luster, Patrizia Malkomes, Hind Medyouf, Christian Münch, Thomas Oellerich, Karl-Heinz Plate, Elke Pogge von Strandmann, Henning Reis, Yvonne Reiss, Eva Rettinger, Michael Rieger, Claus Rödel, Mark Schmitt, Ulrike Schötz, Johannes Schumacher, Hubert Serve, Lisa Sevenich, Joachim Steinbach, Evelyn Ullrich, Jörg Janne Vehreschild, Andreas Weigert, Peter Wild, Thomas Worzfeld, Thomas Wündisch


Should you have any questions, please contact: